Council Minutes

Betws-y-Coed Community Council

Minutes of the meeting held on the 10th July 2023

Present–  Ffiona Jones  Chaiperson,, Neil Pringle, Janet Charlton, Catherine Williams, Chris Jones  Caerwyn Roberts Clerk.

Apologies  Bedwyr ap Gwyn, Cyng Elizabeth Roberts.

Election of Vice Chairperson

Resolved unanimously to elect Neil Pringle as Vice Chairman


Declaration of interest – No declaration.


Minutes of the meeting of the 12th June, read and approved


Matters Arising

[1] Police Matters

No Police presence


[1.1] Footbridge/Pont-y-Pair

The clerk reported that a further quote had been received regarding pre feasibility advice and that one other quote was required. Noted further correspondence from Mr Chris Jones, clerk to invite Mr Jones to a meeting to discuss the concerns raised. Clerk in the interim to further contact SNPA regarding planning guidance.


[1.2] Affordable Housing /Group Cynefin

Noted that Cllr E Roberts had contacted the CEO regarding the lack of progress and that she now proposes to visit the offices at Denbigh to seek an update.


[1.3] Parking Issues Bro Gethin, Pentre Du

Noted, correspondence from Mari E M Mathews advising of lack of responses for tender specifications.  Cllr Ffiona Jones advised that she would seek an update on the matter for the next meeting.


[1.4] Removal of Vegetation Pont -y-Pair.

Noted disappointingly that Conwy CBC was not addressing the problem, clerk to refer the matter to CADW for advice.

The clerk advised that Cllr E Roberts was also seeking to arrange a site meeting with Conwy CBC and the Community Council.


[1.5]Man in a Van

The clerk advised that despite a reminder sent to Edward Jones SNPA regarding the work schedule.

No response had been received. Noted the advice from Cllr E Roberts that both the CEO of the Park and Edward Jones be invited to meet the Community Council

[1.6] Betws-y-Coed Football Club/ Refurbishment of Dressing Rooms

Noted the 3 quotes for installing a new kitchen as follows [a] C Evans £6180.00 [b]Dylan Evans £6784.00 [c] Ty £6,798.00.

Noting that the Council must comply with Section 137 regarding financial contributions, clerk to seek advice via Audit Wales.


[1.7] Council Website

Clerk to arrange a meeting with Haf Jones/ Ffiona Jones Chairperson and NI Ferguson [host] to arrange upgrading of website.


[1.8] Erw Hedd Cemetery/ Cemetery Space

The clerk reported that Conwy CBC was due to advise on the matter.


[1.9] Risk Assessment Memorial Hall/ Bryn-y-Bont, Asbestos Inspection

 Noted  that a request had been made to Conwy CBC to carry out an inspection. Clerk to pursue the matter.


[2] Boarded Area Ultimate Outdoors

The clerk reported that Cllr E Roberts had received no response from Alys Tatum the SNPA’S Enforcement Officer.

Clerk to contact Robin Millar MP and Janet Finch Saunders AS regarding the matter


[2.1] Active Travel / Sappers Bridge

Conwy CBC to advice of arrangements for drop in session at the hall.


[2.2] Hanging Pizzeria

The clerk reported that representation had been made to SNPA by Cllr E Roberts and that the Park’s CEO should be be invited to address the Community Council on the matter.

Main Agenda


[a] Noted the appointment of Mrs Hazel Barclay, Plas-yn-Rhos, Carpel Garmon and Ms Anna Brown Llwyn-y-Gog, Betws-y-Coed, to the post of Community Development Officers on a job share basis. The term to be a fixed  contract of 12 months commencing the 24th July 2023. Salary in accordance with NJC Scheme of Conditions of Service

[b] Appointment of Clerk. Noted the appointment of Mrs Haf Jones, Tyn-y-Wern, Pentrefoelas, Salary in accordance with NJC Scheme of Conditions of Service. Date of Commencement 1st October 2023

Clerk to arrange stationery requirements and purchasing of suitable IT equipment.


[2.4] Planning Matters

Construction of two storey rear extension. Glan Llyn, Old Church Road, Betws-y-Coed

Resolved to raise no objection to the above proposal


[2.5] Financial Matters

[a] Resolved to approve the receipts and payments to the end of June 2023

[b] The clerk reported that attendances at Swallow Falls were marginally lower than the similar

period in June 2022

[c] Members noted the analysis of expenditure for the financial year ending March 2023 prepared by the clerk

[d] Resolved to approve the Internal Auditor’s Report and Annual return for the financial year 2022/23


[2.6] Xmas Lights

Following  the sub committee recommendations  resolved to proceed as follows;

[a] A 5 year hire agreement for lights on the A5 trunk road. Ref 2024 F

[b] To purchase lights for Pentre Du, Mega Electrics to erect

[c] Reindeer illumination by Pont-y-Pair not required.

Clerk to seek further information regarding renewing the lights on fir tree island


[2.7] Swallow Falls Water Supply

The clerk reported that a response was due from Dwr Cymru


[2.8] NRW Closure of Forestry Road Lay- Bys

Noted that Cllr Elizabeth Roberts is due to attend a meeting with NRW to discuss the matter