Council Minutes

Betws-y-Coed Community Council

Minutes of the meeting held on the 10th October 2022

Present – Mari E M Mathews Chairperson, Neil Pringle, Catherine Williams, Ffiona Jones, Caerwyn Roberts, and Clerk.


Apologies, -  Janet Charlton, Anna Brown, Elizabeth Roberts

Declaration of interest  No declaration

Minutes of the meeting of the 20th September 2022, read and approved.


New Member

The Chairperson welcomed Ffiona Jones, Pant-yr-Hyddod, Betws-y-Coed as a co-opted member of the Community Council


Matters Arising


[1] Police Matters

The clerk advised that a meeting had been arranged with Chief Insp Jeff Moses for Tuesday 18th Oct at 3.00 pm at the hall.


[1.1] Proposed Footbridge upstream from Pont-y-Pair

Noted that Cllr E Roberts was currently in discussions with Bryn Shiland Conwy CBC regarding the matter.


[1.2] Affordable Housing /Group Cynefin

The clerk reported that Cllr E Roberts had advised that the proposal had not to date been given planning approval.


[1.3] Miniature Railway Café

Clerk to seek an update from SNPA regarding contact with the owner.


[1.4] Parking Issues Bro Gethin, Pentre Du

 The Chairperson reported that following a meeting with Robin Millar MP and Katie Clubb, discussions had centred on possibly employing a person to undertake community engagement work and also consultants to outline proposals etc. The chairperson advised that she would be making further contact with Katie Clubb of Cartrefi Conwy


[1.5] Removal of Vegetation Pont -y-Pair.

Noted disappointingly that the matter was still outstanding due to difficulties in obtaining tenders to undertake the work.


[1.6]Man in a Van

The Clerk to make further contact with Edward Jones SNPA .

[1.7] Sappers Bridge/ Repairs

Noted that the matter was ongoing

[1.8] Community Questionnaire

Cllr M E M Mathews circulated the report to members. Resolved to discuss at the November meeting.


[1.9] Betws-y-Coed Football Club

Clerk to contact the fencing contractor to arrange a site visit.


[2]] Council Website

Clerk to arrange meeting Nick Ferguson/ Mari E M Mathews


[2.1] St Michael’s Old Church

The clerk reported that no further response had been received from the Rev Stuart Elliot regarding the overgrown churchyard. Cllr Janet Charlton agreed to undertake an inspection.


[2.2] Erw Hedd Cemetery

Clerk to enquire whether the tree available from SNPA can be planted elsewhere in the village as opposed to Erw Hedd.



Main Agenda

[2.3] Planning Matters

[a] Demolition of existing roofed entrance terrace and construction of canopy to form covered seating area. Gwydr Hotel  Holyhead Road, Betws-y-Coed.

Resolved to raise no objection subject to the construction being in keeping with existing buildings and architecture.

[b] The clerk referred to correspondence from Mr George Price expressing concern regarding the timescale linked to Community Council meetings for responding to planning proposals.

Clerk to respond to Mr Price that the Community Council is a consultative body only and that future applications will be placed on the Council’s website and Facebook.


[2.4] Financial Matters

[a] Resolved to approve the receipts and payments to the end of September 2022

[b] The clerk reported that attendances at Swallow Falls were lower than the similar period in September 2021.


[2.5] Nadolig Betws-y-Coed

Following discussions regarding a possible revival of the event, the chairperson advised that she would make contact with local business etc and seek to bring people together. Arrangements will also be made to highlight the matter on facebook.


[2.6] Conservation Area

The clerk referred to the conservation area consultation [circulated] from SNPA and the need to respond with any recommendations/observations etc. Resolved to discuss at the next meeting. The chairperson advised that she would place the matter on facebook.


[2.7] History Points

Resolved to contribute £1600.00 towards the production of videos and sound recordings for Swallow Falls, for persons with sensory impairments.