Council Minutes

 Betws-y-Coed Community Council

Minutes of the meeting held on the 13th February 2023

Present –  Neil Pringle  Chairman,  Ffiona Jones, Janet Charlton, Cllr Elizabeth Roberts Conwy CBC, Caerwyn Roberts Clerk.


Apologies, - Mari E M Mathews, Anna Brown, Catherine Williams.

Declaration of interest,   No declaration..


Minutes of the meeting of the 16th January 2023, read and approved.


Matters Arising


[1] Police Matters

[a] the clerk referred to the following update from Chief Insp Jeff Moses regarding the possible appointment of a dedicated PCSO for the village.

Due to recruitment difficulties it is not at this stage possible to proceed with the appointment of a dedicated PCSO and that the Council should make further contact in 6 months time.

[b] Noted, the following Police report;

[1] Burglary at a dwelling in the village, damage to window etc

[2] Driving away from petrol station without paying.

[3] Criminal damage to vehicle.

[4] Shoplifting at Cotswolds, £400.00 worth of clothes stolen.

[c] Clerk to refer anti social behaviour at Bro Gethin to PCSO, request that PCSO initially contacts Cllr Elizabeth Roberts.


[1.1] Footbridge/Pont-y-Pair

Resolved to proceed with Cadarn and Eginol Consulting regarding initial feasibility study arrangements.


[1.2] Affordable Housing /Group Cynefin

 Cllr E Roberts reported that documents were now being awaited from Ancaster Estate


[1.3] Miniature Railway Café

Resolved to monitor the condition etc of the railway carriage.


[1.4] Parking Issues Bro Gethin, Pentre Du

Chairperson to update at the next meeting of the Council


[1.5] Removal of Vegetation Pont -y-Pair.

Noted that all Capital Expenditure by Conwy CBC was being deferred pending the re-prioritising of the revised capital programme for approval in March.


[1.6]Man in a Van

 Noted that a meeting with Edward Jones SNPA is scheduled at the hall for the 16th Feb at 10.00 am,


[1.7] Sappers Bridge/ Repairs

Resolve to invite Mr Andy Wilkinson to the next meeting of the Council.

[1.8] Project Co-ordinator

Resolved that the Chairperson/Cllr Neil Pringle & Cllr Elizabeth Roberts arrange to meet/ draft advertisement for the post.


 [1.9] Betws-y-Coed Football Club/ Refurbishment of Dressing Rooms

Resolved to wait for further information regarding the club’s financial situation. Clerk to update Ms Carol Blain regarding the matter.


[2] Council Website

Noted that the matter was ongoing.


[2.1] St Michael’s Old Church/ Overgrown Cemetery

Noted that the matter is ongoing.


[2.2] Erw Hedd Cemetery/ Cemetery Space

 The clerk referred to a response from Gary Williams Conwy CBC regarding Erw Hedd’s cemetery space.  Mr Williams to advice further, pending discussions with departmental colleagues.


[2.3] Warm Hub Grant

Noted that the event is continuing and is well attended.


[2.4] Riverbank Improvements Pont-y-Pair

Clerk to seek commencement date from the contractor C T Roberts.


Main Agenda


[2.5] Planning Matters

[a] Conversion and extension of outbuilding to form short term self-catering holiday unit.

Outbuilding at Craig Glanconwy, Betws-y-Coed

[b] Removal of condition 4 attached to planning consent NP4/11/76T to allow for permanent use of building as an outdoor catering outlet.Glan Aber Hotel, Betws-y-Coed.

Noting the advice for SNPA’S Planning Officer to the Council’s initial response, resolved that the Council has no further observations.

[c] Refurbishment Works including external alterations/ provision of 6 caravan/motorhome parking bays, installation of electrical charging points etc. Swallow Falls Hotel, Betws-y-Coed’

[d] Variation of conditions to increase the height of 1st floor extensions/ increase depth/width of single storey extension etc. Oakdale, Betws-y-Coed.

[e] Outline application to erect single storey 3 bedroomed dwelling house and garage. Plot 2, Parc Trawsafon, Betws-y-Coed.

Resolved to raise no objection to proposals [c] [d] [e]


 [2.6] Financial Matters

[a] Resolved to approve the receipts and payments to the end of January 2023

[b] The clerk reported that attendances at Swallow Falls were lower than the similar period January 2022


[2.7] Correspondence/Mr Gareth Jones

Cllr Elizabeth Roberts advised that Mr Jones had been invited to attend a meeting discuss any issues of concern, but had declined the invitation.


[2.8] Highway Refurbishment Programme

Resolved that the road leading from the A5 trunk road towards the surgery at Pentre Du be nominated for inclusion in the works programme. Cllr Elizabeth Roberts agreed to liaise with Simon Billington [Conwy CBC] regarding the matter.


[2.9] Mr Amaan Abassi

The clerk referred to a request from Mr Abassi  for a financial contribution towards a jiu Jitsu class being held at the hall. Clerk to enquire whether the class is on a commercial basis and to advise Mr Abassi  in the first instance to contact Sports Wales and Mark Richardson Conwy CBC’s Disability Sports Development Officer.


[3]] Playground Pentre Du

Resolved to contact G L Jones for advice regarding installing new play equipment in the field.


[3.1]  Boarded Area Adjacent to Pont-y-Pair Hotel

Noting the dilapidated condition of the boards, clerk to contact the proprietor to request that the boards be repaired/tidied up.


[3.2] Eisteddfod Llanrwst

Resolved to contribute £100.00 towards the Eisteddfod.


[3.3] Ms Beth Thomas

Noting that Ms Thomas has not attended a meeting for some considerable time. Clerk to contact Ms Thomas regarding the matter.